Greek Salad on the Go with Rubbermaid® TakeAlongs®

Hi friends! Hope you all had a lovely holiday season and a happy start to the new year. It was pretty busy over here, traveling here and there to see loved ones, but it was worth it lemme tell ya! I definitely had the post-holiday sadness a little bit, but we back and better than … Continue reading Greek Salad on the Go with Rubbermaid® TakeAlongs®


Ice Cream Solves Everything

Hey hi hello my peeps, how’s it hanging? It’s been awhile, I know, but I’m back and I’m writing about quite possibly my favorite thing in the entire world – ice cream. If you know anything about me from my Instagram, you know I am ice cream and hummus obsessed. I have yet to try … Continue reading Ice Cream Solves Everything

Creamy Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookies

I'm back with chocolate chip cookies.  Again.  I know, I'm sorry, more chocolate chip cookies.  Ugh, Amanda, be more original.  Bear with me.  You all know how much I love chocolate chip cookies and I get excited to come up with new recipes and combinations of the classic chocolate chip cookie.  And lemme tell ya, … Continue reading Creamy Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookies

Caribbean Coconut Chocolate Almond Bites

I'm sure you've all heard the saying, "Save the best for last."  Well, that's exactly what I did with this final recipe featuring Paleo Passion Foods.  The second I tasted the Paleo Passion Foods' Krave the Krunch Caribbean Coconut flavor, I knew what I wanted to make.  Let me give you a little background though... If you're anything … Continue reading Caribbean Coconut Chocolate Almond Bites

Sweet Cauliflower Rice Bowl

So, I did a thing.  I was skeptical at first when I had the thought.  But after my first bite, oh goodness, I was like, "PRAISE THE LORD!" These bowls have just a few ingredients, but when put together, they are the perfect combination of everything.  Crunchy and crisp from the apple slices, salty & … Continue reading Sweet Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Maple Cinnamon Apple Walnut Bread

You know those weekend mornings when your mom used to wake up early to make everyone breakfast and by the time you rolled out of bed the house smelled like a big fat stack of pancakes drenched in maple syrup?  I miss those mornings (mom, take note).  It's one of my favorite memories as a kid … Continue reading Maple Cinnamon Apple Walnut Bread

Honey Sea Salt Pistachio Bark

Holy. Smokes. Babes.  This bark is crack.  The best (and legal) kind though. I sort of wish I didn't come up with this combo because I couldn't stop eating it.  At the same time, I'm giving thanks to the Lord for coming up with this combo because I couldn't stop eating it.  Sweet, salty, crunchy, creamy...WHAT MORE COULD … Continue reading Honey Sea Salt Pistachio Bark